David L. Gangloff, Jr. Esq.

David L. Gangloff Jr., Esq. is the President of Operations for Property Tax Assistance Co., Inc. located in Bellflower, California. Mr. Gangloff has been representing major corporations for their personal property taxes in all of the primary industrial counties in California since 1985. He worked with Cal-Tax and other industry professionals in the rewrite of Assessor’s Handbooks in California and instructs at the Institute of Professionals in Taxation Advanced Personal Property Tax Academy.

He is a member of the California State Bar and has successfully completed the Certified Public Accountants exam. He has represented clients with a multitude of different types of personal property such as all types of metal working machinery and equipment, high-tech laboratory equipment, interoccular lens equipment, high-tech equipment used by the military and aerospace industries, equipment and fixtures owned by law firms and stock brokers to name a few.

He is a frequent speaker to professional associations such as the Institute of Professionals in Taxation, the Defense Contract Audit Agency and the Society of Auditor-Appraisers. He has been involved actively in various pro-taxpayer legislation and has testified before the California Legislature