TAXES, TAXES, we are bombarded with taxes. And many taxpayers do not realize that real estate property taxes include more than the property owner’s general tax levy. Many bond items, city assessments and community service fees are tacked on to property tax bills. Not all of these items are related to the value of the property. Because of the diversity with which these various special assessments are calculated, many inaccuracies go undetected.Due to mass industry “pigeon holing” used by taxing authorities to determine these assessments, many taxpayers have been paying taxes in excess of what is required by law. Why? Because the unique circumstances of individual properties, which can highly impact the equity of these fees, are not taken into consideration with standard calculation methods. Unfortunately, as property owners and business managers focus their efforts on maintaining profitable operations, they often lack the time and knowledge needed to manage these complex taxation matters.

This is where we at State Tax Management offer our helping hand.

Our knowledge in special assessments is one of our areas of greatest expertise. Our firm is committed to putting in the time and effort necessary to identify unfair and incorrect assessments and to get them remedied. With us on your team, you can devote your attention to more important business matters and still be confident that you will not pay more than your fair share in property taxes.

As a business choice, routing your property tax issues to State Tax Management is prudent and profitable. Prudent because the dedicated efforts of your management and staff are most sensibly spent on what you do best – keeping your business or institution operating at full capacity. As experts in this complex area of taxation, we will work to secure the fairest tax position possible on your behalf. Profitable because these tax refunds are “found money”. Every dollar of property tax savings means greater bottomline profits.

Prudence and profitability make going forward with State Tax Mangement the right choice.

But to make the decision even easier we offer our services RISK-FREE. Since our fees are based on performance, if we cannot save you money, you owe us nothing. Nonetheless, you receive the confidence that your special assessments are fair and accurate. When we are able to secure savings on your behalf we simply share in those savings. And our fees are not due until you receive your refund or tax savings.

Make no hesitation in putting State Tax Management to work for you today.