These Are Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What amount of tax reductions can we expect?

A – We average a 30% reduction, although individual cases may vary and there is no guarantee.

Q – How much of my time and/or my staffs time does this project require?

A – Approximately 5% of the total time. Most of the work is done by PTA staff in the PTA office.

Q -Will this project raise a red flag to the auditors?

A- No. Although companies with business personal property valued equal to or over $300,000.00 have a mandatory audit every four years. Also, a audit may be beneficial, we look at it as an opportunity to look back into prior years for greater tax savings.

Q -Am I informed of progress?

A -Yes. You are a part of every decision. We work for you.

Q – How long does this process take?

A – PTA is mandated by county actions; thereby appeals could take anywhere from 6 months to two years, however we are continuously working on your case behind the scenes.