Why would you assume your company’s business personal property and real property assessment is correct? These are the steps we take at Property Tax Assistance Company, Inc. to ensure your tax bill is correct.


Review all necessary documents to identify potential issues; ascertain probability of success ; determine recovery opportunities; and estimate time requirements.


Research property tax laws; appraisal valuation approaches; prior court case findings ; Revenue and Taxation Code; industry treatises; and other information sources.


Evaluate all of the gathered information and reevaluate the overall approach, probability of success, and time requirements.


Negotiate with local county personnel. Present the issues, reduction requests, and supporting materials in a professional but relatively informal setting. Compare reductions offered with likely reduction achievable by presentation to the Assessment Appeals Board.


Present the facts and issues supporting requested reductions to the local Assessment Appeals Board, a process that may entail preparing exhibits, witnesses, legal points and authorities. Appearances before the Board take place after informal negotiations have been exhausted and there is a reasonable likelihood of achieving appreciably better results in a more formal setting.


Collection is the final stage of the process. PTA stays with your file until refunds have been received, audits are completed, or future assessment reductions are verified.

The Revenue and Taxation Code gives taxpayers the right to dispute their business personal property tax bills. In order to effectively appeal your County Assessor’s valuation you need a team of serious, dedicated professionals who understand the methods of commercial valuation and who have a wealth of successful experience with your particular taxing authority.

PTA provides a “no-risk” examination. By “no-risk” we mean you do not risk a single penny – there is absolutely no charge until we successfully reduce your organization’s business personal property tax liability. In most cases this includes all the necessary expenses it takes to represent your appeal.