David L. Gangloff, Sr.

b. Jan 1, 1935
d. May 15. 2016

David Louis Gangloff Sr. was born January 1, 1935, 3 minutes and 22 seconds after midnight. He loved that the whole world celebrated every year. He was the youngest of 10 children, 3 brothers and 6 sisters, 2 sisters passed away at an early age. As a product of the Great Depression, is was common for all family members to work at an early age, to help provide for the family. At 6 years old David began delivering flowers with his brother Ed. He went on to work at Findlay Market in Cincinnati, selling fruit and then was a pin setter at the local bowling alley. When asked if his family was poor, he would reply that he never felt poor, but he was very rich with family.

Dave attended Roger Bacon High School in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated in 1953. In 1954, after high school he enlisted in the Army. Oh how he loved this country and the colors red, white, and blue. He loved to decorate the house with flags. He was stationed in Washington State near Portland Oregon, where he met his wife Carol on a blind date. They married August 4, 1956. August 4, 2016 would have been their 60th Wedding anniversary. Dave and Carol moved to Cincinnati just after being married so Dave could attend the University of Cincinnati to earn his college degree. In 1959, he completed a 5 year course in just 3 years. After college he took a job with Georgia Pacific in Portland, Oregon. He was told that there was not much opportunity for moving up the corporate ladder in Oregon and his boss told him he should go to California, the land of opportunity. In California, his career would take him to the Tax Departments of Purex Corporation, McDonnell Douglas and California Computer Products (CalComp) as some of you may remember. It was at CalComp that Dave became a pioneer in the tax world. He decided to talk to the assessor about a tax valuation that he didn’t think was fair, and they lowered it for him, it was exciting to him, he loved it! That got him thinking, taxes were negotiable and if he could negotiate lower taxes for CalComp maybe he could do it for many companies. Property Tax Assistance Co., Inc. was created, David struck out on his own. It was his passion, he loved helping the companies so much that he decided that getting a law degree would help him help those companies even more; what better way to arm himself than to know the tax law, and gain more experience in presenting and negotiating. He created a very successful company saving thousands of companies, millions of dollars. Then in the year 2000 Dave retired, he felt that his sons David L. Gangloff Jr. Esq. and Ron Gangloff Esq. would do a wonderful job running the company and his daughter Lisa Gangloff Henry was happy in the marketing department.

Early in his retirement he was diagnosed with dementia, and passed away on May 15, 2016. He will always be remembered for the way he cared for his employees and how he mentored, nurtured, and cared for each one of them. His great attitude and smile were infectious and he enjoyed having a good time, even vacationing with employees at the river. His children and his PTA work family made him very proud. He is sorely missed.

During Mr. Gangloff’s life, he had acquired considerable expertise in such areas as assessment of computer and electronic equipment, the timber valuation process, and vehicle/machinery valuation. During his career he has represented numerous clients in all major California counties.

  • David Gangloff’s career includes association with:
  • Georgia Pacific’s Tax Department for 5 years
  • Purex Corporation’s Tax Department for 2 years
  • McDonnell Douglas’s Tax Department for 2 years
  • California Computer Products, Inc. (d.b.a. CAL COMP.) as Manager of Taxes, Property and Insurance for six years.
  • Property Tax Assistance Co., Inc. as President since 1976. Education:
  • University of Cincinnati – B.B.A. – Accounting
  • University of Portland – Post Graduate Work
  • Pacific Coast University – J.D. (Law)
  • Enrolled to practice before the IRS – 1965

Certified Public Accountant, State of California – 1976